Kern E. Kenyon

4632 North Lane, Del Mar, USA

Examples of closed fluid flow streamlines, along which Bernoulli’s law applies, are collected together. To be in the collection the flow must be steady and a cross-stream force balance maintained, one of which is always a pressure gradient. The equal but opposite force in the cross-stream balance is either the Coriolis force or the centrifugal force. Solutions for the velocity or velocity shear are obtained and it is shown that in all cases the friction term is zero according to the Navier-Stokes equations. Applications of some of the model solutions to geophysical and laboratory phenomena are discussed in view of the lack of friction and how adding in friction might change the situation.

Key words: Bernoulli Loops, No Friction

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Kenyon, K.E.(2019). Bernoulli Loops With No Friction. European International Journal of Science and Technology, 8(10), 25-28.