Discussion and application of Monte Carlo method

Xia Liu1 and Xiaotong Cai1

1,2 Department of Statistics, School of Mathematics and Statistics, Shandong University of Technology

Monte Carlo method is a statistical method guided by probability and statistics theory. With the progress of computer, Monte Carlo method has been widely applied in multiple integral calculation, nonlinear equations solution, nuclear physics, information science and so on.
In this paper, based on Montmort’s problem,we calculate by Monte Carlo method. Besides, Monte Carlo method is also used to calculate definite integral, now what we are concerned is how to calculate cumulative distribution function of the standard normal distribution. By generating random numbers for random simulation, we can calculate and compare it with the original value.

Key words: Monte Carlo method,Stochastic simulation,Standard normal distribution

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Liu, X. & Cai, X. (2019). Discussion and application of Monte Carlo method. European International Journal of Science and Technology, 8(10), 1-1.