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ABSTRACT he researcher examined the cross section of various Nigerian children that are bereaved as a result of the sudden death of their loved ones. It was also observed that a lot of bereaved Nigerian children are disenfranchised or unacknowledged because there appears to be inadequate or no data about traumatised children in Nigeria as a result of death of their loved ones. The researcher also observed that these vulnerable children in Nigeria appear not to match up with Millennium Development Goals and sustainable National development because of their precarious unacknowledged grief that has been raising its ugly heads. It appears as if the unabated criminality in Nigeria seems to have originated due to the ineptitude of government about the unacknowledged bereaved Nigerian children. It seems that the resources committed to the bereaved Nigerians as reported on daily basis in Nigeria sophisticated media. The study could be of benefit to vulnerable children, victims of sudden death, government agencies, guidance counsellors, curriculum planners, religious bodies, law enforcement agents, prospective researchers as they would learn and make use of the findings. It could be incorporated into the Nigeria curriculum and aspects that could benefit Nigerians could be taught in schools. Based on the discovery, Nigeria government should take a census of the bereaved Nigeria children that incurred sudden death from time to time so that it can help in alleviating their problems. The Nigeria government should enhance that these vulnerable bereaved children are attuned to Nigeria sustainable development goals and implementation. The curriculum developers and planners should incorporate areas that will benefit these vulnerable Nigeria children to the Nigeria curriculum.

Key words: Sustainable, Traumatised, Children, Development, Bereaved, Millennium.

Cite this article: Akinlabi, F.B. (2019). Enhancing Sustainable National Development Of Traumatised Bereaved Nigeria Children. European International Journal of Science and Technology, 8(3), 25-32.