Feeding Ecology of the Endemic Phoxinellus pseudalepidotus (Cyprinidae) from Mostarsko Blato (Neretva River Basin, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Ivana Markotić1, Zlatko Mihaljević2, Marko Ćaleta3, Branko Glamuzina44

1University of Mostar, Faculty of Science and Education, Department of Biology, Matice hrvatske b. b., 88000 Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
2University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science, Department of Biology, Rooseveltov trg 6, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
3University of Zagreb, Faculty of Teacher Education, Savska cesta 77, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
4University of Dubrovnik, Department of Aquaculture, Ćira Carića 4, 20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia

Results of the analysis of seasonal diet of the endemic fish species Phoxinellus pseudalepidotus from Mostarsko Blato (Neretva River basin, Bosnia and Herzegovina) were presented. Intestinal contents of 96 caught specimens, sampled on a seasonal basis in February, May, August and November 2009, were analyzed. It was found that the diet spectrum consisted of invertebrates from the taxa: insect (Insecta) and snails (Gastropoda); plant material and amorphous mass. Insects were present in diet during the whole year, with representatives of classes: Diptera, Ephemeroptera, Trichoptera, Plecoptera and Coleoptera. Representatives of snails were found in the summer period only. The amorphous mass was detected only in fall, while the plant material was found during summer and fall period. Diet of P. pseudalepidotus showcases significant seasonal variability and intensity of feeding is not uniform during the year. According to these results, primary diet for this species is animal-origin food with aquatic insects as the main component of nutrition. In addition, it can be concluded that P. pseudalepidotus belongs to the group of omnivores, i.e. subgroup of zoophytophages.

Key words: feeding strategies, native species, diet composition, seasonal variability, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Markotić, I., Mihaljević, Z., Ćaleta, M. & Glamuzina, B. (2019). Feeding Ecology of the Endemic Phoxinellus pseudalepidotus (Cyprinidae) from Mostarsko Blato (Neretva River Basin, Bosnia and Herzegovina). European International Journal of Science and Technology, 8(8), 5-14.