Proposals for the training of specialists in Architectural Engineering

Josifas Parasonis

Building Planning Systematics Centre, Kudirkos 9-12, LT03105 Vilnius, Lithuania

The article examines the building as a product of the construction industry within the development of Civil and Architectural Engineering. Studies have shown that neither of these fields can fully cover the entire construction process. Increasing disparity between architecture and engineering is identified. A unified undergraduate university programme of Architectural Engineering is proposed. This can provide an effective synergy between architects and engineers within their shared practice. Specialisation (in the fields of architecture, building structures, engineering equipment etc.) is proposed for postgraduate studies. Such training of professionals can give way for improving the quality of the construction industry.

Key words: Civil Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Construction Product, Study Program, Synergy

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Parasonis, J. (2019). Proposals for the training of specialists in Architectural Engineering. European International Journal of Science and Technology, 8(10), 11-18.