SCADA system of diesel generators of Broadcasting Center of Montenegro

Goran Cevriz

University of Montenegro, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department of Power Systems, 81 000 Podgorica, Montenegro

In 2016 Broadcasting Center of Montenegro (BCM) started the project with intention to provide SCADA system for backup power supply (diesel generators) in their emission objects. The second phase of this project began in 2017 with the announcement of a tender and selection of diesel generator’s supplier for locations where backup power supply did not existed. This project included delivery and installation of the new diesel generators, replacement of PLCs on existing diesel generators, configuration of the new PLCs, testing, commissioning of the diesel generators and implementation of a new SCADA. Furthermore, the control and monitoring of diesel generators through mobile application was enabled. With the realization of this project, reliability of power supply was increased and power quality parameters were improved, which was necessary for correct operation of the telecommunication devices of Broadcasting Center of Montenegro.

Key words: backup power supply, diesel generator, SCADA, PLC, power quality.

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Cevriz, G. (2019). SCADA system of diesel generators of Broadcasting Center of Montenegro. European International Journal of Science and Technology, 8(9), 8-16.