The Quality of Architectural Integration of Solar Cells in Buildings (In Syria- Lattakia)

Engineer Roaa Shahoud1 and Prof. Dr. Hani Wadah2

1PhD student in Architectural Design Department, Faculty of Architecture, Tishreen University, Lattakia, Syria.
2Professor in Architectural Design Department، Faculty of Architecture، Tishreen University،
Lattakia، Syria.

Most architectural studies are now trying to adopt new methods to provide solutions to the energy problem and the inefficiency of our buildings to take advantage of the natural energies available around us. Especially in the construction sector, which consumes about half the energy of the total consumption, which necessitated the research to emphasize the use of renewable energies in the production of energy needed for the operation of buildings and integrated into the architectural design of the building to be part of it. The research aims to clarifying the importance of integrating the solar energy systems into buildings and taking them into account in the initial design stage. To achieve quality in architectural integration through the architectural functional and structural appearance of the building. And analysis of global models through the three aspects to emphasize the importance of integrating solar cells in the building.. Are consider a good material and a suitable chromatic installation, adapts well to the overall unit, and the visual appearance, which is consistent with the building and which gives good architectural quality.

Key words: photovoltaic PV, buildings integration, architectural quality

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Shahoud, R. & Wadah, H. (2019). The quality of architectural integration of solar cells in buildings (In Syria- Lattakia). European International Journal of Science and Technology, 8(9), 38-53.