Vol. 10 No. 1 January 2021

Title: An Enhancement of Software Development Process using Reuse and Visualization Techniques

Author: Anas Bassam AL-Badareen

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Title: Covid-19 pandemic: Impact on financial viability of Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine (MSM) service line of tertiary care Hospital of LMIC

Authors: Pervaiz Mahmood Hashmi1, Alizah Pervaiz Hashmi2 and Obada Hasan3

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Title: Development of a model for measuring the performance of mashine translators for natural languages

Authors: Dušan Tošić1 and Vesna Tošić2

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Title: How Artificial Intelligence can fight Coronavirus

Author: Mohammad Hijjawi

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Title: “The Effect of Corona-virus “Covid-19”, New Regulations for Architectural Design Required in Buildings to Fulfill the Term of Sustainability”

Author: Wael W. Al-Buzz

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Title: Energy Harvester from Unmanned Airplane Wing Fluttering: Coupling of Aeroelastic and Piezoelectric Models

Authors: Wajih Umar Syed1, Ameen El Sinawi2 and Isam Janajreh3

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Title: The importance of Fibonacci Combinatorics for dynamic systems in the interval and in the circle and applications

Authors: Marcio Lima do Nascimento1 and Raimundo José Santos Mota2

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