Vol. 8 No. 9 October 2019

Title: Static and Buckling Studies of a Safety Ladder by SolidWorks Simulation

Authors: Mir Hayder1, Uriah Virgo2 and Cordel Gordon3

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Title: SCADA system of diesel generators of Broadcasting Center of Montenegro

Author: Goran Cevriz

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Title: Preparedness of Students for Interventions in Disaster and Mass Accidents

Authors: Vladimir Littva1, Imrich Andrasi2, Marek Šichman3, Soňa Hlinková4, Anna Králová5

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Title: Palliative radiation treatment of bone and spine metastases.
In the metastatic cases; the indications for different treatments and fractionations.

Authors: Cengiz Kurtman1, Iryna Sokur2, Olena Martsenius3, Julia Volokitina4, Tetiana Nesterenko5, and Mahmut Kemal Özbilgin6

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Title: The Quality of Architectural Integration of Solar Cells in Buildings (In Syria- Lattakia)

Authors: Engineer Roaa Shahoud1 and Prof. Dr. Hani Wadah2

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